Keep this little app CLOSE BY to help pick the perfect colors for your new space. / by chris zagyva

This is one of the greatest apps (Sherwin Williams Colorsnap) that I recommend to my clients when they're trying to decide on paint colors that work with the materials they've picked for their project such as tile, cabinets, countertops, etc. It allows you to take a picture of anything and it finds the Sherwin Williams paint color to match it along with possible accent colors and color schemes.
Combine this app with the 60-30-10 rule to help in determining how much of your new colors to use. Think of a men's business suit. As the dominant color, the suit makes up roughly 60% of the picture; the secondary color of the shirt, 30%; and the punch color in the tie, 10%. The percentages just look and feel right. You can use the same formula when outfitting a room.
For smaller rooms your colors should be dark to light, low to high to draw the eyes upward and give the perception of a larger space.
An example for a room using neutral tones would be: dark mocha floors, beige walls and a white ceiling.  Warm neutrals allow you to explore when it comes to your pop of color which can be anything from mint greens and light yellows to rich blues or deep reds.


Paint Color Matching App: ColorSnap® Paint Color App - Sherwin-Williams

Pick paint colors, app style, with Sherwin-Williams. The ColorSnap® paint color matching app uses...|By Sherwin-Williams