"Crazy just might work.": Be deliberate and be bold. Inspired by a client with a beautiful vision for something well beyond "normal" and "ordinary" and in need of a long overdue change. / by chris zagyva

Maybe we've become just a little too calculated when we entertain the possibility of a new adventure or chapter in our lives.  Ofcourse, as responsible adults (especially when there's a family involved in the equation) it's in our best interest to make sure that we have a well laid foundation for our plan before we do anything daring and (hopefully) we've considered most of the possible outcomes to minimize potential disaster, regardless of whichever "new idea" has a stranglehold on our attention at that very moment.  But I think alot of us pass up incredible opportunities when they're unfamiliar and unlike anything we've ever done before.  Perhaps some of us calculate the risk to such a degree that we successfully squeeze the life out of whatever excited us to begin with and then continue to subdivide this once brightly colored passion into a subdued gray scale of acceptable rates of change to prevent disturbing our own calm waters too much.  If that last gem hit home then keep reading for a much needed boost to your PMA (Positive Mental Attitude).     

As a disclaimer I'll start by saying that I strongly believe that any poorly planned and executed decision with little foresight isn't useful to anyone and will (without fail) put any one of us on a fast tract to creating our own special brand of chaos (this is not what I'm advocating).  I do, however, personally think that it's incredibly easy for most of us to talk ourselves down from acting on anything that falls outside of our own comfort zone and that might be perceived as "new", "unknown" and "scary".  Most people have incredible ideas and visions that deserve to be transformed into realities and would most likely benefit from having their world turned upside down (and perhaps the rest of us too) by seeing it come to fruition.  So instead of folding up that amazing little concept that you've been kicking around (for who knows how long) and filing it away to be forgotten maybe you should pull the trigger and give it life. 

STOP WAITING FOR THE "PERFECT" (FILL IN THE BLANK); time, plan, moment, day, month, year, idea, etc.  It'll never come, so stop overlooking the good plans that you already have.

Any new plan or idea just needs to be "good" to be set in motion and eventually it'll become "great" once you get it off the ground and give it some fine tuning.  There's no "perfect" plan because "perfect" isn't some 2 year journey to a far off place, it's a perpetual state of change and improvement that takes alot of hardwork and among other things, patience, attention to detail and a consistantly sincere effort.  This applies to everything from a good concept for a new business (regardless of how small or ambitious it might be), a good plot outline for a new book idea, or a good interior design idea that might be completely different from what's popular.  A little "crazy" might be necessary and all that's needed to give a good plan a jumpstart.  A little "crazy" might be the one thing that changes your life forever.  

Naturally, everyone's sense of adventure is tailored to their own life experience and circumstance but nonetheless one thing holds true; the greater the risk, the geater the reward.  Stop thinking about "what if?" and start thinking "what next".  Go publish your e-book, finish writing that song and get your own Pandora Station, start a blog and tell everyone your thoughts, go invent, design and create.

Whether it's something that could benefit the entire community or just your own little sphere of influence, you're truly remarkable and deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated for your ideas and talents but it's impossible if you keep them hidden.  

Let everyone else love what you love.  Leave your mark on the world.  Be deliberate and be bold.