6 Reasons to leave work on time! / by chris zagyva

 Remodeling projects can occasionally require a couple of long days which is fortunately the exception and not the rule for our company.  This post is a "shout out" to Jeff who willingly put in a couple of long days on one of our recent projects and performed with distinction.  Thank you for your professionalism, solution oriented mindset, dedication and exceptional attention to detail.  This list is to make sure that we all remember how important a proper work/life balance is and to remind business owners that your team has a life outside of the jobsite!


1. Work is a never ending process.  It can never be completed.  Make a realistic set of goals for the job you're doing that day. Check off your list and go home.


2.  Interest of a client is important.  SO IS YOUR FAMILY!


3.  If you fall in your personal life neither your boss or client will provide the support you truly need.  YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS WILL!


4.  Life isn't only about work.  There's more to life.  You need time to socialize, entertain, relax and exercise.  DON'T LET LIFE BE MEANINGLESS!


5. You didn't study hard and bust your butt to become a MACHINE!  Strive to be mechanical in your work routine not a lifeless robot in your off time.  Improve on efficiency so you can get home on time!


6. IF YOU ARE THE BOSS...SET YOUR TEAM UP FOR SUCCESS WITH THE 6 P's:  "Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance".  LEAVING WORK ON TIME STARTS WITH YOU!!!

REMEMBER, there's a world outside of work that needs your attention too!